Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking Ahead: Resolutions for 2009.

My 4 resolutions are:

  1. I want to get better grades. I want to be proud that i actually worked harder than usual and i got the grades that i know i need. I want to be a pediatrician, or something in the medical field, so i want to learn about responsibilities and getting good things, not becuase they were handed to me, but becuase i worked hard for them.
  2. I resolve to be more friendly. A few of my friends say im a little too pushy, so i want to be nicer to everyone. Sometimes i don't get what i want so i get a little mad, and take it out on a couple people, so i want to be friendlier and only get mad when it truly is something to get mad about.
  3. i resolve to use my phone less. I am constantly talking or texting on my phone, and as fun as it is, i think it would be better if i kept my priorities straight for right now. And my main priority is school, my family, and all my friends. And i think that I waste too much time texting, when i could be outside having a wonderful time. :D
  4. My last resolution is to be a better daughter. I sometimes talk back to my parents, and i yell. So i want to change that, and be more repectful. I also want to be a better sister. My sister and I are constantly fighting and bickering, so i want to change that. It would help if she didnt have a huge attitude but it's alright i can handle it without fighting. :D

Looking Back: The Soundtrach of 2008.

My 4 songs that describe my year are:

  • Decode- Paramore.
  • Better in Time- Leona Lewis.
  • Stay Young- We the Kings.
  • Our Time Now- Plain White T's.

  • The song Decode talks about figuring something, or someone out. And during this whole year I've tried to 'decode' the meaning of life. It is just so complicated sometimes, especially when you are a student. You have so many responsabilities, and sometimes you can do all of them. "How did we get here? I think i know" I love those lines in the song because she's trying to figure out something. The song is on the twilight soundtrack, and Bella is trying to figure out what Edward is, but i think the song can mean to figure out anything.
  • The song Better in Time is about things getting better during a hardship. The whole year there have been some things that can make and shape a person. Sometimes for the worst, sometimes for the best. "It's been the longes winter without you, i didnt know where to turn to" "Thinking that i deserve this" "Quickly I'm learning". I love the song becuase if you just went through a death or something that could seriously have hurt you, the song can help you out.
  • Stay Young is one of my favorites to represent 2008 because all of us are getting older, and we are turning 15 and 16, and usually we want to be older so we can have more freedom, because our parents are 'unfair'. Personally, I want to stay a little girl forever. You never have any responsibilities, and you don't always have to do what you're told. Besides, these are the years of our lives. These are the times we discover if we have real friends, if you are in love. These are the years where we learn, and we become adults.
  • This song basically is the same as Stay Young. It means that it's our time. It's time for us to do what we need to do, what we want to do. It's time for us to be young, act crazy, and learns what being an adult is actually about. It's time to consider what you have to do, and what you want to do. "Finally it's our time now" that's in the chorus and it's my favorite line becuase it shows, finally its our time to show everyone what we got.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

15 Questions I'd like to Ask.....

A teacher:
  • How did your childhood help you decide to become a teacher?
  • When did you make your decision to become a teacher?
  • Do you see yourself in any of your students?
  • Did you have a pleasant childhood?
  • Did you always want to become a teacher?
  • If not, what did you want to do before?
  • Do you think having big dreams is a good thing or a bad thing?
  • When did you know for sure that teaching was your true calling?
  • What is your favorite subject to teach?