Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking Ahead: Resolutions for 2009.

My 4 resolutions are:

  1. I want to get better grades. I want to be proud that i actually worked harder than usual and i got the grades that i know i need. I want to be a pediatrician, or something in the medical field, so i want to learn about responsibilities and getting good things, not becuase they were handed to me, but becuase i worked hard for them.
  2. I resolve to be more friendly. A few of my friends say im a little too pushy, so i want to be nicer to everyone. Sometimes i don't get what i want so i get a little mad, and take it out on a couple people, so i want to be friendlier and only get mad when it truly is something to get mad about.
  3. i resolve to use my phone less. I am constantly talking or texting on my phone, and as fun as it is, i think it would be better if i kept my priorities straight for right now. And my main priority is school, my family, and all my friends. And i think that I waste too much time texting, when i could be outside having a wonderful time. :D
  4. My last resolution is to be a better daughter. I sometimes talk back to my parents, and i yell. So i want to change that, and be more repectful. I also want to be a better sister. My sister and I are constantly fighting and bickering, so i want to change that. It would help if she didnt have a huge attitude but it's alright i can handle it without fighting. :D

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K. Nadel said...

I am recruiting you to be our class writer... what is that you say ... well, you write -- for example, you can write an About the HIV/AIDS Peer Educators program at HGHS. Look for the HIV/AIDS main page and ... I don't know, surprise me - Mrs. Nadel